SLM-126R6 2-Way Compact Line Array Speaker

12 x 6.5" + 4.75 x 6" LMF 4800W, 240W HF Propagation 100° x 50° angled 2-Way Compact Line Array Speaker

  • Two-way compact line array technology with real
  • Sound propagation angle of at least 100° vertically and horizontally up to 50°
  • On at least 12 6.5" neodymium
  • Frequency Range 60-9000 Hz
  • Frequency response 1,200 - 40 kHz
  • 1W and 1MT least 104 DB Reference LF - HF 112 angular accuracy
  • At least 139.8 dB LMF peak power program - sound pressure level of 144.5 dB HF
  • Speaker 1W and at least 1 meter reference LMF 105dB - HF 116 would be angular accuracy.
  • Program at least 4800W MF, 240W HF peak power value with
  • Crossover frequency (3dB)> 100Hz, 2500Hz
  • Nominal impedance value in less 8 ohms IMF, 16 ohms HF

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